Color Filler is a grid-based puzzle game, where you try to fill in all the colored holes.

It was made in a week for the jam, I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game.

I hope you enjoy playing it!

In the future I may try to make a bigger and better version of Color Filler.


[WASD] to move
[R] to reset level
[M] to mute music
[ESC] to go to the menu

(This is a solo submission for the game jam I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game)

The Color Filler Soundtrack may not be used for anything else than listening to.


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Color Filler Soundtrack 5 MB


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It is possible to pass Level 20 using only two 'X' on right side.

wait what? I thought i made it impossible to do that, Haha. 

Thank you for letting me know :)


Cool game. Thanks for posting. is this your first game?

Thank you. It's my 3rd complete game, but the first game i have uploaded to the internet.


Great Game.   Look like sokoban!

thank you! I hear that a lot haha. I actually didn't know about sokoban until after I made the game :)


Hey, so I played your game in a compilation of other which were picked at random. I hope you like the play through I gave your game and that I gave it the due diligence it deserved. Thank you so much for making this and posting it for people like me to play! I encourage anyone to try it and have a go!

wow thank you so Much! It was fun to see you play my game :)


I actually did it

btw on the far left of the last level there is an invisible area above it (didn't help at all but i thought i could tell you if other people use it to help them) 

haha nice!

thank you for the tip, i will try to fix it :)


Simple but really interesting, quite hard and addictive. Thank you for making this ツツ !

haha, you're welcome :)


I really like this game. Puzzles are hard too and challenging. 

Thank you :)


A very high quality game! GJ!



Elegantly simple graphics and mechanics make for an impressive exercise in foresight. Great job!

thank you!

Hey is there anyway I can email you to talk about this game?

Yes my email is SpicyOverlord(at)


Great game, wow. Very polished and unique concept. Reminds me a bit of Baba is You.  Even found the music to be relaxing and helped me think. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!


Hello! Very nice game, am hooked. Is there some place where I could get the soundtrack? Love the ASMR-ish sounds that it contains. Very very nice submission!


Thank you. i made the music myself for this jam.


That's great. If you want to put the music up on as a DLC I'd probably even pay a buck or two to download it :)


i might just do that.

Please tell me if you ever setup payments/donations for the game as I'd like to contribute! Well done Spicy :)
PS: Here's your song in mp3 format, which is about one tenth the size as the wav! (WeTransfer link

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thank you very much!


Great mechanic well executed, with a lot of polish and great level design. I couldn't beat level 20 though. Fun game!

thank you!


SOOO AWESOME! really dig the simple design, its really elegant and minimal with focus on the mechanics and gameplay, and the animations are smooth as heck, would play more of this. 5/5 :D

Thank you!  Im happy you liked it.


love the game! I couldn't beat lvl 15 tho lol. The difficulty curve is really nice a balanced  (:

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Thank you very much!